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whats going on

Well, yesterday was not a bad day at work except for the fact that I was really shaking yesterday, so now I am on another pill that I have to take 4 times a day for my shaking. I am hoping that the pills works cuz otherwise I am not sure what I am gonna do if they don't. Well, right now I am just sitting her blogging and watcing the tv programs that I have taped cuz I didn't get a chance to watch them all yesterday before I went to work. Well, according to Rob and Tina at work I am only gonna have to work until 5 today, which is gonna be nice cuz then I will not be so tired tomorrow for my cousin's wedding.

I am just really excited that we can go to it and well, its gonna be nice for everyone to see how much Ariel has changed since they last saw her back in December. And some of my family like Nadiene has not seen her in person except for pictures. I am also just thinking about everything that has gone on this week. And I have been really doing a lot of thinking on a lot of shit. Since gas prices are getting to be so damn high and the prices usually go up just about 5 cents everyday and its getting kind of ridicilous but well, there is not much we can do about it.

So, I am actually thinking about trading my Pontaic for a new car that gets better gas mileage than mine does. And I have a couple in mind, but I just got to wait to see if the company that I am working with will let me get the loan with both of our incomes. I really hope they do. But well, its getting closer to the end of May and well, I am getting really really nervous about Ariel's surgery that is coming up. I know that it is something that has to be done, but I am still worried about it cuz she is only 9 months and well, I really don't want to see her in pain. And once we get back home from Omaha she will not be going anywhere until she is fully healed cuz I don't need anyone being stupid around her. And well, Warren and I will not be going anywhere either. Considering when I was in Storm Lake on Wednesday gas there was only 3.69 and then yesterday gas everywhere in Storm Lake was at 3.75, and from what I have read on the computer yesterday is that gas prices will probably hit 4 dollars a gallon by the end of the weekend.

So, well, Warren and I are really not going to be doing any extra driving thats for damn sure. We can't afford to do any extra driving at all. And well, once we get somethings taken care of I know whether or not both of our incomes is enough for me to trade cars then we will be taking a trip to South Dakota and get the other car. I know my car insurance is going to go up once I get a newer car but its gonna be worth it in the long haul. And well, then maybe we could take and start doing some fun things. But until then we are not gonna be able to. I mean its bad enough all I do is drive to Storm Lake to Bomgaars to work and then I come home back and the only other driving I do is to my parents house on my lunch break. And I go to Cherokee every 2 weeks to meet with my therapist but that is about it. Otherwise we just stay at home or go for walks in town. But its just gas is too fucking high to drive around.

That is why tomorrow we have to be to my parents house so Emma can stop by and see us, plus they are gonna drive to the wedding so we don't have to use our gas plus my car has been acting up the past couple days so I don't want to go too far. I suppose I better end this for now. I am hoping that maybe I will be off at 4 instead of 5 but if not and I have to work until 5 that is fine with me. I already have my schedule for next week and well, next week I work: Sunday May 25=11 am to 5 pm, Monday May 26=off, Tuesday May 27=9 am to 8 pm, Wednesday May 28=9 am to 5 pm, Thursday May 29=off, Friday May 30=7:30 am to 5 pm, and Saturday May 31= 9am to 6pm, and then I will have Sunday June 1=off. I next weekend is actually suppose to be my weekend off but a gal that I work with needed to have the 31st off and so I traded with her and she is working this Saturday for me and then I work for her on the 31st and she will work on June 1 and I will work the 25th. I will write again later.


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