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Wow!! I have been so busy lately that I have totally forgot about blogging. I have been doing nothing to exciting except for working and things like that. And I have also been staying home a lot cuz there isn't much to do. I mean it costs too much to go to the thearte, and well, here in Schaller the only place to rent movies is Sparkys and well, they really don't have a good selection of movies. And it costs too much to drive into Storm Lake and go to Malarkys when it costs 5 dollars to get in the door and then the owner stands at the door, and if he doesn't like what you are wearing you get told to go home and change. Plus the drinks there for me are too expensive.

So, Warren and I have decided that if we want to have an alcoholic beverage we will just go to the store and buy it and then come home. But we hardly do that anymore. And right now it is really not in out budget to buy it. I can't believe its July already. It seems like this year is going by fast. We have not had too much going on. Basically Warren and I both go to work, come home, take care of Ariel, sleep, eat, and watch tv, and play games. Ariel is cutting more teeth right now. And she right now has 4, the 2 front bottom, 2 front top and then she is working on the 2 on the top next to the 2 she has. She is crawling everywhere now, so its time to put up the baby gate!!! She is also pulling herself up on pretty much everything she can.

She got to go to her first 4th of July parade last Friday in Storm Lake, and she was good. Although she wanted to be carried by mom and didn't want anyone else except for Grandpa, and she really didn't want to sit in her stroller. But she was a good girl, and she seemed to enjoy it. Warren and I dropped her back off in Schaller with his parents after we ate supper with my parents cuz she is still a little too young to be at the fireworks, and plus she was tired and really really cranky cuz her tooth started to bother her. Plus the fireworks in Storm Lake this year were louder and brighter than last which for me and my dad was great cuz we like the really loud ones. Plus Warren and I were talking about the fact that last year there was a bottle rocket that exploded next to my stomach when I was pregnant and we were actually kind of worried and scared that it might happen again this year so that was the other reason we didn't take Ariel.

And our landlord is pissing us off again, but of course that is becoming something that isn't new. On a fucking holiday our landlord called the guy that Warren rides to work with cuz the landlord wanted him to know he 5 days til his rent was due and he wanted money. I just can't fucking believe him, calling someone a fucking holiday, and yet when Warren and I called our landlord on a Saturday we got bitched at cuz he didn't want to be disturbed on the weekends or holidays. So, basically, we all know for a fucking fact that Don and Rae are not fucking paying rent, so now our landlord is after me, Warren and the other guy for more fucking money, so we can pay for someone else to live here.

Its a good thing I went and changed my phone number again cuz otherwise I might not have had a job. Our landlord called me on June 27th, twice within 2 fucking hours, and then he also called my job, and then on June 30th, he called my cell phone again, and then called my job. So, I went and changed my number cuz if I didn't more than likely I would have lost my job cuz of him. He is just that fucking stupid that he has to call and harass me, Warren and this other guy for money when he fucking needs to harass Don and Rae since they are the only ones not paying fucking rent and when they come home from the road they don't even fucking stay in their apartment, they stay somewhere else. So, our landlord just needs to fucking kick them out.

But well, enough on that. Other than shit like that going on things are going pretty well right now. We are still dealing with a leaky closet roof that still isn't fixed a year later after moving into this apartment. I can't believe that next month Ariel is going to be a year old. Time goes by fast. Well, I really don't have much else to say right now so I am going to end this for now.


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